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Cinderella's castle in Magic Kingdom from the back corner
Backside of Cinderella's Castle
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Two bikes in front of a railing over a canal with buckets of flowers on each side of the bikes. Trees and boats are on both sides of the canal.
Canal in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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The Tower Bridge in London with blue-grey sky in the background
Tower Bridge in London
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Massive green tree with big brances in the background and tropical plants in foreground covering half of it
Tree of Life in Disney's Animal Kingdom
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Bert, in a red, white and yellow striped suit jacket and white pants, and Mary Poppins in a white dress and big white hat standing on Main Street USA
Mary Poppins and Bert dancing in a parade in Magic Kingdom
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Windmill next to a red roof and brown shingle barn sitting on a lake
Windmill on a lake in Zaanse Schanz, The Netherlands
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Desert with a road winding to the right with bushes surrounding it and a tree with long, twisted branches also on its right
Joshua Tree National Park
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white glass shards and stone walls and staircase leading upward into a rounded archway
Philadelphia's Magic Gardens
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18th century European structure with gold siding halfway up between the windows
Brussels Grand Palace in Belgium
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Close up of Epcot's Spaceship Earth at night with white lights
Close up of Epcot's Spaceship Earth at night
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Bright blue narrow building with 9 windows and an archway to the other side of thr street
Kingly Court in Soho, London
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Narrow street with curved trolley tracks and 20th century builds
Street in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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Orange ride vehicle zooming around red rollercoaster tracks with statues of Toy Story characters and toy blocks surrounding the coaster
Slinky Dog Dash in Toy Story Land in Disney's Hollywood Studios
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Chipmunks, Chip and Dale. Chip is pointing at Dale while Dale has his hands up in front of his face
Chip and Dale joking around
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Red train approaching the platform in underground subway station
Picadilly Line of the London Underground
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Blue sky with clouds reflecting onto a lake with green trees spread throughout the background
Loch Ness, Scotland